Corporate Wellness - Your Personalized Intake Meeting

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1. Why an intake meeting?

* So our consultants have time to explain the 4 major issues of Corporate Wellness succes based on Moov-IT projects and Harvard Business Review (
* What challenges can Corporate Wellness help? (Merger&acquisition, prevent burnout, employer branding, tools for change..)
* What is the importance of top down & bottom up buy-in?

2. Great preparation for extra value
* Current Corporate Wellness buy-in (top-down)
* Current Corporate Wellness initiatives (bottom-up)
* Current project team

3. What value will we bring in the intake meeting?
* What are the main succes factors for effective Corporate Wellness with lasting results?
* How to design a Corporate Wellness program, what methodology? 
* What are the major barriers for your company?

4. After the intake meeting
* You will receive a full report 
* A sales colleague will call you after the meeting to present cooperation possibilities