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Moov-IT for Health Pioneers


  • Are you a pioneer ready to share your knowledge?
  • You feel a deep mission, your gift to share with the world?


3 main benefits

  1. Packaging Knowledge
    You know sooo much! And you learn new knowledge every single day. It's hard to train people to be just like you. It's time to scale your knowledge for the world to have first-line access! We'll help you structure your knowledge and design it in a way people can learn easily!
  2. Personal Branding 
    "Your deepest pain is your biggest gift." You've learned by doing, studying, experiencing, by going through depths and heights. Share your story. The world is craving to connect and see the true you! We've been there, done it. I It's often  the hardest part of your business! No worries, we'll guide you to enjoy it .
  3. 1+1 = 1000! 
    We'll create together. Our experience combined with your knowledge brings wonders! You share your content, we at Moov-IT know how your customers will think and behave. "We spice your juicy mojito with behavior-change herbs and.. together we bring it to ecological supermarkets! ;-)


In the future we empower people to learn by doing:

What's your next step?

  • Is teaching fulfilling you?
  • Would you be excited to create connection between all your students?
  • Can you focus on what you really love? On creating content and developing new ways to learn?
  • Are you curious about new ways of teaching?
  • Do you love exploring how technology can facilitate you to share your knowledge with more people?
  • Have you been working in as Health Expert for corporate clients for a couple of years?

The future is, now. The Moov-IT "expert" services will help you structure, package and connect people whilst enjoying your teachings!


Are you a health pioneer?

Your Skills: You love to research, study, read, practice new techniques, tools and philosophies to create a healthier lifestyle for your clients. You are an expert in coaching people, getting them to connect deeper with their mental, intellectual, physical or spiritual body.

Your Passions You are passionate about one or more areas of the Moov-IT piramid. You coach people on how to move more, eat healthier, have less stress, release emotions and get excited about connecting with their purpose. You are a learning and developed and experimented with your unique methods!

Your Preferred Target Group You both enjoy going deeper wih one person but are also thrilled to share for huge groups of people, feeling you are making an amazing impact! You are not that interested in weekly repeating knowledge for groups of 5-15 people, you rather empower people (kick their ass and mirror them :p) and see their evolution on long term basis!


Ready to start your new life as a Digital Health Pioneer?

We have taken all the steps for you and guide you through full of excitement!

This is your Health Expert Level 1 Pack including:

  • Creating your own video course 
  • Learn how to structure your knowledge 
  • Learn how to "train" your trainers 
  • Learn how to shoot hands-on teaching videos
  • Learn how to create ease to use "cheat sheets" for your aspiring teachers  
  • Joint promotion: once the challenge is ready it's easy to sell! You can send this new product to your customer base and Moov-IT will support via their digital sales & marketing approach!

What's next?

When purchasing the start-2-expert pack you'll automatically be able to download the "Level-1-Expert Intake form.