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In an ideal world, every day you are full of energy at work. You connect with great colleagues, you are free to work when & where you feel good, you have clarity and focus and easily handle & prioritize all information coming your way you each day. But in the real world, you (and your company) struggle to create healthy habits (and a healthy structure) that you really enjoy and that give you all this energy.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have time to really connect with colleagues at work?
  • Do you feel focused?
  • Can you handle all the information & change?
  • Do you feel free to work whenever and wherever you are productive and combine this with your passions and family?


Corporate Wellness are a gathering of all initiatives taken by you, your colleagues and your company to achieve this ideal world in your company!

10% of your colleagues are already trying out healthy habits at work. How about you join them? 

Moov-IT will support you and your ambassadors & help  organise & communicate healthy habits  through the MoovCommunity.

By automatizing the organisation & communication both your company's project team (who are often volunteers) and your employees save time!

In the MoovCommunity you can:

  • Gather all initiatives taken by employees
  • Join & organise healthy activities
  • View activities based on your own interests
  • Organise them per office location & country: every time you are in a new office or a new employee starts, they'll feel welcome straight away!

Moov-IT & their partners can help you identify ambassadors, keep the community alive & help in organising new activities. You'll discover what your employees really want!

Try it now and get  your own healthy community!