MoovConsulting setting up your Corporate Wellness or Community!

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Hire one of our MoovConsultants to set up your Corporate Wellness in your company!

Our consultants will do the project 1x and after one year, all your processes are set -up and someone internally is trained to take over and you are all set! 



* All 24 essential modules to build Corporate Wellness will be set up in your company

* Per module your MoovConsultant will spend 2 days setting up all processes.

* We calculate days of 7,5 hours

* Hourly fee is 125 EUR / hour

(24 modules x 2 days x 7,5 hours x 125 EUR /hour) = 45.000 EUR (excl. VAT) 



You can buy this service together with the MoovAcademy & Tools.
Working with a consulting and doing effective Corporate Wellness will be a budget of 72640 for lasting results.



  • How much is absenteeism costing you right now?
  • How much does it cost to recruit or replace a high potential employees?
  • What is the budget your company has for HR consulting and what is the return in numbers?

We give a 10% money back guarantee if you do not attain the results set up in Module "Project definition" of the MoovAcademy training. 

(You choose your objective together with your consultant: less absenteeism, less staff turnover, keeping Millennials, employee happiness.) 



* Buy-in management

* Buy-in team leads

* Buy-in 200 users

* 200 users trained in prevention burnout

* > 150 users tried new habits on burnout

* > 20 ambassadors identified

* All processes set-up

* Reporting on 200 users

* Strategic recommendation 2019