MoovTools for Community & Reporting - 12 month subscription (200 users)

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Your goals

  • Reduce absenteeism in your company
  • Increase the happiness and health of your employees or colleagues.
  • Create or strengthen the connection between colleagues (and customers).
  • Address current challenges with creative solutions.

In short, bring lasting positive change both your company and the people within your company.


How do we do this?

We give your corporate wellness manager and people all necessary resources to build & maintain a vibrant and cohesive community 

They will get access to, among other things: 

  • Clubs and activities to easily organise and communicate new activities 
  • Sharing and gamification to motivate  each other to create new good habits as well as supporting each other
  • continuously growing offer of challenges that encourage growth, self-reflection and inciting to new positive initiatives and activities. 
    In 2018 your Corporate Wellness Manager will receive all tools to prevent Burnout.

This includes:

  • Activity "how-to" templates that help your teams to self-organise a healthy initiatives (for example: 1-minute meditation in meetings, walking meetings, badminton tournament)
  • Reporting tools so you can present quarterly and annual reports to your management 
  • Feedback tools, presenting you continuous feedback on the interests of your colleagues 
  • Planning tools, organising your community in all the offices you manage
  • Communication tools, automating all communication in your company  making it personal and efficient
  • Quizzes & self-test on Corporate Wellness themes like healthy nutrition at work, movement at work, peace of mind...
  • Challenge games that help you motivate your teams (ex. water challenge)
  • Social sharing tools that motivate your teams to share successes through images & testimonials


What does it cost?

The online platform and all the tools to support your community and measuring your ROI costs 3,6 (*) euro per user per month.
This includes all current and all future modules:

  • Clubs and activities, sharing and gamification, challenges
  • All resources & tools to support the community and calculate and report the return on investment
  • Each year the content of a “challenge” will be provided (in 2018 the challenge is on preventing Burnout) 
  • Maintenance and continuous improvement and expansion from the platform

A small monthly investment in the health of your employees will bring you high dividends in the short and long term.

The online platform and all the tools to support your client’s community and measuring his ROI costs 3,6 (*) euro per user per month.
(*) This is the fee for 200 users. For another number of users please mail us at


What is the return?

"The Moov-IT tools saved our Corporate Wellness Manager more then 50% of her time. For each 14 days she did manual work, with the tools she only had to spend 6 days work and she could spend it on really “motivating ambassadors & Corporate Wellness managers”instead of working on administrative tasks which give her an enormous boost in her job.”

In short, an investment that will easily save you 1680 EUR per month.

  • The increased happiness and enthusiasm with employees translates into  happiness and greater efficiency and creativity with a direct and positive impact on sales.
  • More connectedness and happy employees also have one positive impact on the relationships with customers and suppliers and thus increase brand awareness and perception.

In short, very direct but also some indirect and extreme important and not to be underestimated benefits.


Get your Corporate Wellness Started now!

"Moov-IT has advised 10 of the biggest corporates in Belgium and has motivated  over 7500 employees. Our customers have saved more then 300.000 EUR. The Belgian government acknowledges and support Moov-IT’s innovative methodology and tools that create behavioral change"
We would love to become a strategic & creative partner for your company too! 


The Moov-IT Team