Start2 - Digital Nomad: how to decide on a place to stay

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For whom?

  • You are starting a Digital Nomad journey and want to read about experiences on how to find the best places to sleep
  • You are on a Digital Nomad journey but finding places to sleep stresses you out
  • You are curious to learn more about intuitive decision making 


  • In this brochure Griet Johanna guides you through her way of finding her "home" whilst traveling 
  • She connects all decisions with her chakras to stay aligned and nourish her body
  • You'll see a story, a method and learn about intuitive decision making BY doing it yourself 


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Personal story: 

Griet Johanna:

I used to "push" myself to find, make lists, .. to where I wanted to travel. It stressed me out not making my journey very relaxing. To end up in places that "rationally" were good for my list but feeling-wise, I didn't like it there.

 I learned about the Law Of Attraction and ever since I'm "feeling" my way to where I want to live because often it's not the surroundings, the way a place looks, that make me feel good, it's about the "welcoming" of the owner, the real nature, the work the restaurant puts in food, the feeling of being "free" and much more.. All little things hard to put in words but that make a home, a home !

So I now FEEL first.
Via a "MoodBoard"

I look for pictures that "FEEL" where I want to go. 

And I train myself to recognize it better & better. 
It works!

Notice your minds' patterns when creating this moodboard.
You'll be thinking

  • Oooh but I'll never find it!
  • But THAT doesn't not exist here
  • THIS will be very expensive
  • That Combination of a lake and sea is impossible

And so on..

Let it be.

It's true! You might not find it all in once.

But go step by step to learn and trust your feeling. 

You'll attract places with "ingredients" of your moodboard until suddenly it all makes sense.

Attached to this product is my moodboard I'm preparing for my Digital Nomad journey to France next week.
And a template you can use to create your own!


Payment Philosophy? 

  • On my instagram @HealingMirror you can read, view all about my Digital Nomad travels 
  • Whenever I use my "worktime" for @Moovitteam to create brochure, methods, guidelines and TEACH what I'm doing by providing value and insights, I create start-2, level 1 or level 2 courses
  • I create a lot and believe in a "lean" methodology". So based on the interest people have in this Start-2 brochure, Level 1 and Level 2 are created
  • The value. Whilst working as a Consultant I earn 125 EUR per hour. I now choose to work on my own passions and work the other way around. It took me half a day or 4 hours to create this brochure, and I want it available for everyone so I kept the content very slow, basic, not too much "blablabla" but just REAL experience and tactics. So I choose to provide it for 2 EUR. This means if this brochure is being liked by you, your friends, .. and been valued by 250 people, then I can start working on level 1 and KNOW it's of value for you :-) A new way of doing business , the other way around :p 

Our vision:

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Griet Johanna

All insights, questions welcome via I read each mail personally (but need a week to answer you ;-)