Trust & Connection Workshop

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Are you looking to: 

  • Connect with your own body
  • Learn more about your beliefs, desires and fears
  • Meet new people and feel part of a 'tribe' or community? 

Be curious & join an "Conscious Connection Workshop"

  • Connect with your own body
  • Learn more about your beliefs, desires and fears
  • Meet new people and feel part of a 'tribe' or community? 

Your teacher 

Griet Vandenhouweele is the CEO of and been teaching ever since she was six years old.

"I always loved teaching! I was always teaching gymnastics to kids, and later high-vibe workouts to adults. After years, it wasn't fulfilling me. The workouts were too dynamic. I stopped teaching for a couple of years. I went into the Corporate World and started training groups of up to 200 people in learning "Healthy Habits at work". I studied psychology, philosophy, buddhism, reiki and tantra and discovered the power of the "Mind"! I started adding Yoga Nidra & Gratitude Meditations in management meetings and was stunned by the results, the immediate change in dynamics and vibes. I got into teaching again! Later I discovered "acroyoga". A practice with two people. This added even extra benefits to the training as I noticed a huge switch in energy in connection in participants. 

My teaching resume:

  • 2x Belgian champion "Trampolining"  series B
  • Teacher of gymnastics to talented young ones 
  • Certified Lifeguard
  • Degree in human anatomy
  • Certified Zumba teacher
  • Reiki level 1 & level 2 
  • Public speaker for groups up to 200 people 
  • High intensity trainer for kids, teens, adults, seniors & physically disabled students 
  • Guest Teacher on Human Behavior & psychology of motivation
  • CEO of the MoovAcademy, having trained > 5000 people in creating healthier habits at work  

What we can co-create: 

I love co-creating with my class. Each class has a structure:

  • Welcome & connection exercise 
    Optional: tantric communication 
  • Grounding meditation & getting in our bodies
  • Warm-up and  trust exercises
    Optional: ecstatic dancing
  • Playful strength exercises
    Optional:  handstand practice if more advanced group
  • Acroyoga based on the level of the group 
    Optional: acroplaytime
  • Thai Massage 
    Optional depending on group level: 
  • Closing circles
    Optional: Group Energy Healing Session or full moon - new moon - letting go - ceremony 

Other options:

  • Corporate Wellness Lecture. How can we create healthier habits at work? 
    For whom? For corporate students that want to bring their practice into their daily work & life! Highly recommend. 
  • Law of attraction Lecture. How can you create the future you've always dreamt of? Group session explores each other's beliefs and pairing up in buddies for long term results.

==> Please let me know which of the options you have a preference for. If none, I'll put something together on the moment ;-) 


What materials should our location provide? 
I'll adapt to what you have, please let me know what you have from the below:

  • Yoga Mats 
  • Meditation cushions
  • Candles
  • Incents 
  • Tarot Cards 

What level should the students have?
All levels are welcome, the class can be split up on the moment. Please let me know in advance:

  • Students are new, never do a physical workout
  • Students have basic condition but have no yoga experience
  • Students with yoga experience
  • Students with acroyoga experience, if so, what prerequisites do they have?  (bird, backbird, throne, star, pops, ..) 


How long is the workshops?
The workshop will be about 3 hours. 

What's in it for you as an organisor?
You can host an original concept and can ask about  35 EUR per participant for half a day (ideally it comes with a sharing lunch or dinner).  

Can it be more then half a day? 
Sure! Contact & we'll cocreate whatever you want to organise :-)

How can I build a long-term community? 
After the workshop you'll get free access to the Moov-IT community where you can easily gather your tribe & communicate! 


"My first steps into the adventures of acroyoga.