VANCOUVER - 5/9/2018 - Corporate Wellness Training Level 1 with hot topic "Burnout as opportunity"

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Do you want to help create workplaces where you will LOVE working?

Imagine starting each day with a smile, connecting with and meeting new colleagues, working less and achieving more, healthy original breaks, food with high energy, time for peace of mind and openness between colleagues..
Do you also want to become corporate wellness manager or want to train someone in your company? Subscribe to our Corporate Wellness Level 1 Training!

The concept: what will your future workplace look like?

How will your future worklife look like?
Receive hands-on Corporate Wellness Training to create your ideal worklife and that of your colleagues and company!
Be prepared to leave this buzzy day of training and fun, healthy breaks with the toolkits - information - and inspiration you need to get you started on your journey towards a long-term and structural approach of Corporate Wellness within your company!

In each MoovAcademy we point out a different 'hot topic' during our morning group session and offer hands-on workshops so you go home with real & useful new habits. Your NEW worklife starts the day after!


A day full of knowledge & practical steps! The program:

WHAT is Corporate Wellness? WHAT is the benefit for YOUR worklife?

8h30 - 9h00: Welcome coffee, healthy breakfast 
9h00 - 10h00: What is corporate wellness? Your healthy morning ritual  for peace of mind & productivity!
10h00 - 10h45: 'Hot topic' of the day: Burnout as an opportunity
10h45 - 11h00: Healthy morning break 
11h00 - 12h00: Corporate wellness methodology for long term effects effects
12h00 - 12h30: Why buy-in from C-level is crucial and definition of Corporate Wellness Manager 

12h30 - 17h: Hands-on workshop "HOW can you set-up Corporate Wellness that has long-term effect? 

  • Workshop 1 - How to set-up a healthy challenge from start to end 
  • Workshop 2 - Action plan: Start building your company’s community
17h00 - 17h30: Closing session & networking drinks


Hands-on workshops

The goal of this workshop is to leave with a specific action plan and the knowledge to set-up corporate wellness in your company. 
This workshop is meant for people with with a passion for health and the will to stimulate colleagues to become more healthy by spreading this passion and identifying the right colleagues who can become ambassadors for their own specific healthy habits. Those who have successfully completed this training tend to become the Corporate Wellness managers within your company or become Corporate Wellness Directors who will identify, train and support Corporate wellness managers. 

12h30 - 14u15: Experience the ‘Peace-of-Mind Challenge’ (incl. lunch) 
14u15 - 15u15: Workshop 1 - How to set-up a healthy challenge from start to end

Discover how easy it is to set-up a health challenge or create your own. Learn how to communicate so you 
would get actionable results and see how you can set-up a co-creation session.

15h15 - 15h30: Find your own healthy break 
16h15 - 17h00: Workshop 2 - Action plan: Start building your company’s community

During this workshop you will learn how you can get started with corporate wellness with a very ‘down-to-earth’ 
approach. Start by identifying existing ambassadors, set-up interest clubs for your company and look for healthy
suppliers in your region.


What to bring

Laptop + short (mental) list of current healthy activities and habits within your company